Friday, October 20, 2017

My First-Publication Present to Myself

Hello Friends!

I know I've been a little quiet this week, it's actually my birthday this weekend and I was working a little overtime so I could take this afternoon off!

I also figured it was time to follow up on the slightly cryptic Instagram post I made last week.

Some of you may have already guessed, but in celebration of my first professional publication I treated myself to a writerly tattoo.

Actually, two tattoos!

The first tattoo served two purposes, to mark the occasion and to cover up an older tattoo that I've never really been happy with. Long story short, I had a bad experience with the tattoo artist having the attitude that, because the piece was small it wasn't significant. That really rubbed me the wrong way, but we had already started so I let him finish it. 

This photo is right after the coverup was finished, and please ignore the white fuzzies sticking to my ear from where she wiped it down, but I am SO HAPPY with how it turned out!

My quill!

A writing quill seemed like the perfect choice for a first-publication present to myself. It also looks much softer now that it's healing. Once it's fully healed and I have my follow-up appointment to check for any needed touch-ups, I'll post some updated pictures!

My second choice has a double meaning for me: An ampersand.

I know there are many people who have ampersand tattoos for a variety of reasons, but for me it's my way of saying "and...what's next in my personal story?" or "and...what's the next story going to be about?"


Again, this is a fresh picture, so I'll have an updated one once it's finished healing.

While tattoos aren't for everyone, both of these make me really happy and help to mark a huge milestone for me as a writer.

How about you, Writing Desk Readers? Do any of you have a tattoo or memento that reminds you of goals you've achieved for yourself? I'd love for you to share!

Have a great weekend!

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