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What Am I Reading Wednesday (23 Nov. 2022)

How long has it been since we've done a What Am I Reading Wednesday post? Don't answer that! The point is, it's time for a new one and today we're talking about the first book in Emily Rath's Second Sons series: Title : Beautiful Things   Author : Emily Rath First Reading : Yes! I wish I could remember which of my writer friends on Instagram first introduced me to Emily, but it was just a few weeks before Beautiful Things debuted. (When I figure out who that person was, I'll thank them!) Initial Impression : I'd never read a "why choose" story before, but as soon as I saw it described in one of Emily's posts as "the Mr. Darcy handflex gets a novel", I was on board! Final Thoughts : Emily has that rare writer ability to build a world around the reader without them even realizing it. The world she's created is rich and character-driven, (My favorite kind!), and I appreciated the attention to detail when it came to setting a "wh

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