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Writing Desk Blog 1k Instagram Friends Giveaway!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has joined me over these last five years !  Getting to a certain number of friends (I like saying friends instead of followers) on Instagram has never been a big goal for me, but seeing that turnover to 1000 really made me feel like our online writing/reading community is growing! I wanted to do something special to celebrate and toyed with a few different ideas. Since we've been talking about fairytales so much lately, and I'm currently writing a fairytale retelling, I've decided to make my 1k Giveaway - You guessed it - fairytale themed! ***** Writing Desk Blog 1k Instagram Giveaway : First Place Prize: It's a surprise! That's right, I'm going to tailor the prize just for the winner. Entry Rules (Instagram): FOLLOW me at ( @ccwriter_ ) LIKE the corresponding giveaway post COMMENT on the post and tell me your favorite fairytale or fairytale retelling. I will put together a surprise prize pack based on the winner&

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