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Ticket to Ride Podcast: Season 2 Episode 17

Hey there Writing Desk Readers! I'd like to continue sharing the new Ticket to Ride podcast episodes here on the blog, as well as on our social media pages and website. If you haven't listened to our favorite childhood films episode from Season 1, we highly recommend checking it out as it ties in with today's episode! It's time for Episode 17 of the Ticket to Ride Podcast! When You Wish Upon A Star 🌟 Join Courtney & Blair as they delve into Disney and discuss the merits of live action vs. animation! This is our longest episode ever! We'd love to know your thoughts on longer vs. shorter episodes.  ... *Note on the Joys of Disney: As with many of the films we talk about on this podcast, we recognize that they are a product of their time. While we do call out several instances of racism and discrimination in this episode, we by no means call out every single scene. It is important for us to communicate effectively with our listeners that while we can

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