Friday, October 19, 2018

New UK IMMORTALS Quartet Covers Are Now Available!

Big news for UK Tamora Pierce lovers!

Ms. Pierce has announced the release of a brand new set of UK covers for her IMMORTALS quartet!

Anyone who has been following along with me for a while now will know about my love for Tamora Pierce's novels. While I'll always appreciate the original covers from when her books were first published, it's so wonderful to see these updated styles for a whole new generation of readers.

I know I promised a What Am I Reading Wednesday review of Pierce's latest novel, TEMPESTS & SLAUGHTER, and I'm planning to have it ready before the holidays! 

Source: Official Tamora Pierce Instagram

Have you read any of Pierce's books? If so, which is your favorite series? I'd love to know!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Writer Returns

The writer has returned!

Being back in Japan for the first time in ten years was beyond surreal. I was able to reconnect with several of my college friends and show my mom around the place that I still consider my second home. 

If you keep up with me on Instagram, I've started posting collections of pictures from the trip. I'm trying to spread them out over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

The fabulous Eco Edo exhibit. I can't wait to share the rest of these!


I have to say again, how grateful I am to my fellow writers and bloggers who allowed me to feature their blog posts while I was gone! It was great to see the engagement these different viewpoints generated and I hope everyone who enjoyed the featured posts checked out the authors' blogs as well.

I enjoyed having featured posts so much, that I've decided to continue adding them to the Writing Desk Blog rotation. If anyone is interested in guest blogging or sharing a previously published blog post as a feature, please email me at: (

Now, I need your opinion dear Writing Desk Readers:

Which featured post(s) did you enjoy the most while I was on the move? Was there something new you learned about writing or the publishing industry?

Also, what types of guest/featured posts would you like to see in the future?

Let me know!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Featured Post: How to Be a Fabulous Panelist - Samantha Bryant

How to Be a Fabulous Panelist

As I move deeper into my writing life, I'm getting invitations to do a variety of things. It's proving to be almost as much fun as writing itself is!
My favorite is probably participating in discussion panels. I get to indulge my vanity by acting as an expert on a topic, as well as the more altruistic side of me that wants to help others move towards their dreams AND I get to connect with other people with similar interests.
Since I started doing this (at conventions, libraries, and literary events), I've participated in discussions about writing craft (dialogue, action, characterization, etc.), writing tools (software, storyboarding, editing programs), marketing (social media, blogging, sales), paths to publishing, time management, superheroes, concepts like honor, the importance of diversity, and so much more. 
So, if life hands you the opportunity to be on a panel, here are a few pieces of advice about how to make the most of it: ...


Original post date: May 10, 2017

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Featured Post: 3 Book Release Party Tips - Tara Lynne Groth

3 Book Release Party Tips

champagne celebrationMagazine Queries That Worked released in print yesterday! My book launch party was held at The Durham Hotel last night. Although MQTW is my fifth book, this was my first book release party. There was no formal agenda for the evening. Everyone gathered, mingled, had cake and champagne, and I felt relieved and proud to have the book complete!

The release of MQTW also dovetails with my 7-year full-time freelanceiversary. I’ve worked for myself longer than I ever worked for anyone else!

I had to make a few decisions when planning the party. If you find yourself planning your first or fifteenth book launch, here are a few things to consider:...


Original post date: June 23, 2017

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Featured Post: 5 Ways to Promote Your Book Long After the Launch - Sandra Beckwith

5 Ways to Promote Your Book Long After the Launch 


promote your book

“When should I stop promoting my book?”

Authors ask me this question all the time.

My answer? When it’s no longer available for purchase.

Continue to promote your book long after the book launch. If people can still buy it and the content is still relevant, promote it.

I’m surprised at how many authors don’t do this, though.

When I ask why not, most say they didn’t know they could. In fact, most authors I’ve talked to think that you can only promote a book when it’s first introduced.

Readers don’t care about your publication date

In reality, you can — and you should — promote and market your book as long as it’s available for purchase.

Readers don’t care if your book came out last week, last month, or last year. All they care about is that it’s a good book.

Here are five things you can do to promote your fiction and nonfiction long after the launch has come and gone...


Original post date: August 1, 2018

Friday, September 14, 2018

Featured Post: YMMV: Writing Advice - Samantha Bryant

YMMV: Writing Advice

Creative process is as individual as fingerprints. Even people who use the same tool or structure don't do it the same way, not exactly. The DIYMFA book club question #5 is about best practices that didn't work for you. 

As I've learned how my own process worked, I've tried a lot of different things. Some worked for me, some didn't...


Original post date: January 20, 2018

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Featured Post: When Your Agent Leaves the Business, What Do You Do? - Lyn Fairchild Hawks

Don’t Despair

When your agent leaves the business, what do you do?

In June I wrote my friend and YA author Gordon Jack when I was in the bluest, most Anne Shirley depths of despair. “My agent is leaving the business,” I said, feeling as if I were delivering the worst and most shameful of news. Maybe it was because Gordon and I had slogged together in the querying mines many moons ago, and after many rejections, he now not only has an agent but also a two-book deal from HarperCollins. (Check out The Boomerang Effect in its awesomeness and satirical humor about high school homecomings and pre-order Your Own Worst Enemy if you need a good laugh about high school elections. Trust me: you’ll want it before midterms.)

Me, I once worked with a first agent, and then worked with a second agent who was amazing, and together we had two different books on sub to editors in the last two years.

Now, the day of my writing Gordon, I had none of these things.

I expected support and empathy from him, which I definitely got, and then he said:

“You know I’m on my third agent, right?”...


Original post date: August 30, 2018