Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"Vampire Chronicles" Television Series Update!

Attention Anne Rice fans: The hints are starting to be dropped!

(Source: Twitter-@AnneRiceAuthor)

In case you missed the announcement back in April, the long awaited creation of a TV series based on Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" was officially confirmed. Anne's son, Christopher Rice (who has been featured here on What Am I Reading Wednesday!), will collaborate with her throughout the entire process.

(Source: Instagram - @annericeauthor)

While both Anne and Christopher have been posting via social media about the upcoming series, Christopher also gave an interview back in July to Fanbase Press. The TV series was discussed in addition to their other collaborative projects and his upcoming novel.

I'm intrigued by the potential this series has, especially with the resources and special effects available now compared to when the books first began in 1976. (They're going to need a lot of fake blood!) Perhaps it's taken this long for a television series to be possible because an earlier version might not have done it justice?  

What do you think?

Also, an equally important question, which actors/actresses would you love to see playing the central roles in this show? I'd love to compare!

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