Friday, February 16, 2018

NEW RELEASE: The Latest Short Story Collection by Nicole Sixx

How awesome is it when you find out a writer you enjoy has released a new book?

I'll admit, I've been playing catch up these last couple of weeks. Between spending time with my family and my digital detox week away, there are so many books I hadn't even realized had been published already.

In particular, Nicole Sixx, author of the chilling short story collection Some Fucked Up Shit, has recently published her latest in the series, Some Fucked Up Shit: Ghosts!

I love it when covers in a series follow a similar theme!
As many of you wonderful readers might remember, Nicole was my first interview guest on The Writing Desk Blog. That post was so popular that I decided to proceed with making interviews a regular event here on the blog, and somehow I've managed to convince a different writer/publishing professional to speak with me every month since then!

I can't wait to pick up a copy of Some Fucked Up Shit: Ghosts! Stay tuned for a future What Am I Reading Wednesday review.  

About the Author: 

Horror writer by day, late night rocker girl by night. Nicole Sixx grew up on the ugly side of the Colorado foster care system and was provided a window into the darker side of the human soul that she draws on for her writing to provide realism and depth. Her loved ones keep her human, her writing keeps her sane. Nicole currently resides in West Hollywood with her two cats, Buddy and Trouble.*

*Official bio provided on Nicole's Amazon author profile*

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