Wednesday, September 13, 2017

#ChanceChallenge Update + Interview Sneak Peek!

Happy Wednesday, Writing Desk Readers!

I wanted to post a quick update about the #ChanceChallenge that started on Monday. Everyone participating is keeping track through, and so far things are going really well!

On the first day, I did end up cutting a huge section from my first draft of Book Project #1. It just didn't work for the story. So, I started the writing challenge at 9,500 words, instead of 11,000, with my goal still remaining at 60,000.

Here's my progress chart so far!

Many more words to go!

If anyone has been on the fence about taking part in a writing challenge, it's still not too late to join! Full details can be found on Kim Chance's website.


If you've been enjoying the Writing Desk Interview Series so far, then you are in for a treat! This Friday (9/15) I will be posting an interview with a person who is not only a writer, but also a professional who plays a key role in the publishing process!

Can anyone guess who this person might be?

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