Saturday, April 15, 2017

Writing Resources: The Self-Publishing Podcast

It's no secret that I love a good writing podcast. When I find one I like I'll listen while I'm working, driving, grocery shopping...Pretty much any excuse to pop the headphones in, I'll take it.

Last year I was deep into the archives of the Writing Excuses Podcast, and shared it here on the blog as a writing resource. Now that I'm caught up and can listen to the new episodes as they come out, I've started listening to the first episodes of The Self-Publishing Podcast!


Podcast Title: The Self-Publishing Podcast

Hosts: Jonny B. Truant, David Wright, & Sean Platt 

Year Created: 2012

Average Episode Length: 1 hour

Schedule: Every Wednesday 

Unlike the authors behind the Writing Excuses Podcast, who are all traditionally published (and also sometimes indie/self published), all of the Self-Publishing Podcast authors are...well...self-published! This brings a new angle compared to podcasts hosted by traditionally published writers. Not making either one better than the other, but still covering a range of topics that any author will have to take into consideration if they pursue this avenue of publishing. Some early episodes that I've found especially helpful include: "How to Find Your Ideal Reader" (SPP #132) and "How to Stay Motivated and Produce" (SPP #136).

In addition to the podcast, the three hosts have also created an online "story studio", Sterling & Stone, where podcast listeners can find writer resources, podcast archives, and a full list of each of the hosts' published/ongoing works. You'll also find links to other individual, joint, behind-the-scenes, and mini-series podcasts the authors have created. I personally loved the StoryShop series!

In addition to their own writing, both individual and collaborated, Platt, Wright, and Truant have worked together to produce a series of indie publishing guides. (Hint: You'll definitely be seeing one of them on my next 2017 TBR update!)

This is usually the part in the "Writing Resources" post where I share a brief bio on the author(s) involved. But this time, what I'd like to do is share the titles from their lists of published works that first caught my eye, and see what you (my lovely Writing Desk readers) think these guys might be like based on those alone.

This is going to be fun, I can feel it!

The Books:


Let me know what you think! Would you add any of these titles to your 2017 TBR based on the covers alone? 

*(All cover images sourced from: 

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